About Aderonke Agboji

I am Aderonke Agboji, the creator of this platform dedicated to senior mental wellness. With over two decades of nursing experience, I've devoted myself to long-term care, enriching seniors' lives. My nursing background seeded my deep empathy for seniors' unique challenges. Pursuing a Masters in Dementia Studies furthered my understanding of their mental health needs. Now, I am advancing my education with a PhD in Health Sciences, specializing in care for individuals with apathy in community and long-term care settings. With 20 years in long-term care, I've seen the positive impact of compassionate care. This website, www.aderonkeagboji.com, stems from my desire to share my knowledge and provide a supportive space for seniors, caregivers, and families to engage and find valuable information. I envision this platform as a catalyst for changing societal perceptions towards senior mental health, advocating for their needs, and fostering a community of support and education. Thank you for joining this endeavor. Welcome to www.aderonkeagboji.com.
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