Personal Story

Hello and welcome! I am Aderonke Agboji, the heart and soul behind this nurturing platform dedicated to enhancing the mental wellness of seniors. With a profound nursing background spanning over two decades, I have immersed myself in the long-term care sphere, enriching the lives of our cherished older generation.

My journey commenced with a solid foundation in nursing, a field that not only honed my skills but also imbued me with a deep sense of empathy and understanding towards the unique challenges faced by seniors. The day-to-day interactions with residents in long-term care facilities have been both heartwarming and enlightening, fueling my passion to make a tangible difference in their mental health journey.

Eager to deepen my understanding and impact, I pursued a Masters in Dementia Studies, gaining invaluable insights into dementia and related mental health issues prevalent among seniors. The fusion of practical experience and academic insight has provided me a comprehensive perspective on the mental wellness needs of older individuals, especially those grappling with dementia and other cognitive disorders.

Currently, I am advancing my education by pursuing a PhD in Health Sciences with a specialization in care for people with apathy in the community and long-term care settings. This scholarly endeavor is not just a testament to my commitment to lifelong learning, but also a pathway to developing innovative strategies to improve the mental health care provided to seniors, both within the community and long-term care facilities.

Having dedicated 20 enriching years to long-term care, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of compassionate care intertwined with informed practice. This website,, emanates from my earnest desire to share the wealth of knowledge and experience amassed over the years with a broader community. My aim is to provide a platform where seniors, caregivers, and families can access valuable information, engage in meaningful discussions, and find a supportive community that resonates with their experiences.

Beyond just a website, I envision as a movement that changes the way society perceives and supports the mental health of our older generation. By advocating for their needs and highlighting the importance of their mental wellbeing, I aspire to pave the way for a more compassionate world where every individual, regardless of age, can experience mental peace and overall wellbeing.


Over the years, I have had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed organizations and institutions that share a common goal of enhancing the mental wellness of seniors. Among these notable partnerships, my thesis project received significant support from Rakuten Kobo and the Center for Technology Adoption for Aging in the North  (CTAAN).

Rakuten Kobo, a global leader in digital reading, graciously sponsored my thesis project, providing Kobo eReaders which were instrumental in conducting my research. The project aimed to explore the benefits of using Kobo eReaders to mitigate apathy among older individuals residing in long-term care facilities as well as those living independently within the community. The advanced features and user-friendly interface of Kobo eReaders allowed the participants to engage with digital reading materials effortlessly, showing promising signs of alleviating symptoms of apathy and enhancing their mental engagement.

CTAAN also played a pivotal role in the success of my thesis project. Through their streamlined process, CTAAN dismantles the barriers hindering the adoption of technologies that can aid older residents of northern and rural communities in aging joyfully and healthily within their communities. This process furnishes technology developers and companies with evidence that assists in strategizing the introduction of their products and services to our region. CTAAN’s network and resources were invaluable in reaching out to the right participants and ensuring the smooth execution of the project.

Academic Credentials

  • Masters in Dementia Studies: Focused on acquiring an in-depth understanding of dementia and related mental health issues among seniors.
  • PhD in Health Sciences (ongoing): Specializing in care for people with apathy in community and long-term care settings.

These collaborations and academic pursuits have not only enriched my understanding and approach towards senior mental wellness but also significantly contributed to the body of knowledge aimed at improving the quality of life for our older generation. I look forward to fostering more partnerships and continuously learning to better serve the mental health needs of seniors.

Together, let’s embark on a journey towards creating a nurturing environment that prioritizes the mental wellness of seniors, educates the masses, and fosters a sense of belonging among those traversing similar paths.

Thank you for joining me in this meaningful endeavor. Welcome to